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Intro to journalism 9/13

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Today I collected the news stories that were due at the start of class. Many of you did not have those completed, so please get to those in as soon as possible.

Next I handed out your next story assignment, which is a sports story. This will be due next Monday. I strongly encourage you to do Wash sports, because those will be easiest for gathering quotes and doing field reporting over.

I handed back all of the tests and assignments, which I had graded. Once I let everyone see their tests I collected those again, so if you were absent today you may stop in sometime to look over your test, but I do need those back after you’ve seen them.

Next we wrote up current events for the week and shared those in small groups.  Then I handed out this worksheet so you could find information on how to write good sports stories according to Tim Harrower. If you were absent you can check out a textbook and complete the worksheet on your own.

Finally I told everyone that there will be a 20 point extra credit opportunity to anyone that goes to Harvey this weekend and does a 300 word write-up about the play. I will have a handout about this tomorrow, but it is a substantial amount of points, because I’m asking you to write an extra story.

Please stop by and ask Mr. Phillips if you have questions about anything.


Written by CRWashPhillips

September 13, 2010 at 12:44 pm

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