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English 10 9/14

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Today we started reading  a Shel Silverstein poem and reviewed the concepts of stanza and rhyme scheme.

Once we had completed work on the poem we broke into our four groups and did some individual and group work with either reading or writing. All homework from these groups will be checked on Friday.

There will be no blog entry tomorrow as we will be attending the Harvey preview in the little theatre. Just a brief overview/reminder of theatre etiquette:

  • No talking, even whispering. It’s incredibly distracting to the performers on stage.
  • No cell phones. Period. None. As bright as they are in the classroom they become exponentially brighter once all the lights are turned off. Again, it is a big distraction to those on stage, and incredibly disrespectful of your classmates, who have worked so hard to bring you a terrific production.
  • Applaud at the end of each scene. This is normally signaled by the lights going down.
  • Laugh when appropriate, but no cat calls, whistles, etc. This is theatre, not a sporting event.

Those of you who are interested here is the extra credit opportunity for this class regarding your optional attendance of Harvey this weekend.


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September 14, 2010 at 1:31 pm

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