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Intro to journalism 10/4

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Today I started by collecting your editorials, if that’s not turned in yet please do so ASAP.

Next we moved on to our discussion on convergence media. We started with a prior knowledge quiz, which I will not post on here, but I just wanted to see what you all knew about convergence media already. Most people were unsure of what I meant by convergence media in their quizzes, so I hope that the handout was helpful. We then spent much of the hour going over examples of convergence. I pulled up some different users of Twitter and showed the front page of

The assignment for this mini-unit will be completing a brief write-up in blog style (focus on incredibly short writing.) On that same handout is your secondary assignment this week, which is coming up with five questions for our guest, Adam Sullivan, by Wednesday. Also included are three extra credit assignments for the convergence unit.

The final part of class we divided up Harrower’s chapter on online writing, and everyone was responsible for reading two pages. Tomorrow you will present the information you read about to the class. Make sure to have a few notes jotted down, so you know what you’re going to say and have proof that in fact “s/he already said everything I was going to say” is true.

Multimedia link of the day: Audio slide show showing the day-to-day life of a paralyzed war veteran.


Written by CRWashPhillips

October 4, 2010 at 1:31 pm

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