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Intro to journalism 10/25

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Today I stared by reminding everyone that you have until Friday to get all missing stories turned in. On Friday afternoon I will write down hard copies of all the scores turned in and graded, and if you are missing an assignment I will replace all story scores with a zero until you have turned in the missing assignment. This goes back to the syllabus from day one where I informed you that all stories needed to be completed in order for you to pass the course.

I then did a mini-lesson on capitalization as I have noticed a lot of problems in this area with the stories being turned in. Some of the highlights of this lesson:

  • Capitalize the beginning of sentences.
  • Capitalize proper nouns (names of people, names of places, names of groups, etc.)
  • Capitalize composition titles (books, movies, albums, etc.) as they are capitalized on the title (i.e. “Lord of the Rings”).
  • Capitalize titles if they are attached to the persons name (i.e. Freshman Class Vice President M.J. Kamin), but not if they are detached from the name (i.e. M.J. Kamin is the freshman class vice president.)

Then we moved on to design basics in page layout for print journalism. We looked at one website that had statistics about how young people read things in print and on the web. Then I showed a PowerPoint showing different examples of layouts in different papers. Then we ended the class by going through and outlining which terms in the glossary of the design handout that you should know.

Tomorrow we will continue going through the glossary then look at some of the other information in the packet.


Written by CRWashPhillips

October 25, 2010 at 1:08 pm

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