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English 10 12/20

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Today we did two review activities to help you better prepared for tomorrow’s quiz.  We started with a game of vocab bingo, which reviewed all the words that we went over for the three short stories we’ve read this tri. Then we moved on to a jeopardy game to review plot elements. The questions from the jeopardy game were:

“Harrison Bergeron”:

What is the setting of “Harrison Bergeron”?

What handicaps does Hazel wear?

What does Harrison declare to everyone on TV?

Name three of the handicaps Harrison must wear.

Who is the author of Harrison Bergeron?

“Searching for Summer”:

What is the setting of “Searching for Summer”?

What were the names of the main characters?

What motivates Mr. Noakes?

Who is Mr. Noakes?

What type of conflict is seen in “Searching for Summer”?

“Two Friends”:

What do the “Two Friends” want to do?

Name one of the reasons the men choose to go fishing in spite of the danger.

What is the setting of “Two Friends”?

How does “Two Friends” end?

Who is the author of “Two Friends”?




A sign

Extremely enthusiastic

Sad in a wistful/thoughtful way

Gen. LA

Man vs. Man is a type of what?

What needs to be included when describing setting?

What is a dynamic or round character?

What is a simile?

What is alliteration?

After the quiz tomorrow we will begin watching Planet of the Apes as an example of a dystopia in film.


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December 20, 2010 at 2:56 pm

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