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English 10 1/4

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Today we started with SSR, then Mrs. Colony and I talked about transitioning from one idea/paragraph in your essay to another. The rest of class was spent by giving everyone time to write their rough drafts. I did complete a second draft last night. The most notable changes are the addition of a title, improved transition sentences, and I split my third body paragraph:

Kyle Phillips

Per. 2,3,5

Mrs. Colony and Mr. Phillips

Jan. 4, 2011

Friends, Family and Relaxation.

Over winter break I spent a lot of time catching up on some movies and TV shows in my Netflix queue. I also spent time with my family at my parents’ house in Iowa City. Some friends of mine stopped by to see my house in Cedar Rapids. I spent a lot of my time down in Iowa City visiting with my college and high school friends. While I loved seeing my friends I think my favorite day of break was New Year’s Day when I spent the entire day watching football and doing absolutely nothing.

During my free time, when there weren’t any good sports on TV, I used my PS3’s Netflix function to catch up on some movies and TV shows, which I normally don’t have time to watch during the weeks when school is in session. I finished the first season of Rescue Me an original program about New York firefighters on FX. It stars Dennis Leary and is a nice mix of comedy and drama. I saw a documentary about the F word, (whose title I can’t reprint in a school friendly essay,) which was enlightening, and managed to give fair review time to those in favor of the word and those against it. I also managed to see True Grit and The Fighter in theatres, both of which are excellent movies.

Naturally I had to leave time for family, so for Christmas I went down to Iowa City where I got to enjoy a holiday meal with the whole Phillips clan. This was the first time I’d been home for a Christmas celebration since I was 15 years old. In previous years I had always worked at a movie related job, which did not believe in closing on holidays, so I would always wind up working. It was nice getting to enjoy the meal once it was prepared instead of as leftovers several hours after. My parents were very kind and got me a Milwaukee cordless drill and a Stanley tool set, so I can now take care of more of my home improvement and maintenance projects on my own.

Family and free time are great, but winter break is also a great time to visit with friends returning home for the holidays. After Christmas I spent a lot of time going back to Iowa City to visit many of my friends, who were visiting from the colleges where they attend grad school. It was nice hearing about their time at school and their plans once they graduate and seek employment in the real world. My friend Paul is one semester away from completing law school, and several of my friends are only a year and a half away from getting a master’s degree in their selected field. It’s frightening, but I’m the most grown-up of all my friends, at least according to society’s definition of grown-up.

In the end though, don’t we all love winter break because we have time to relax? I know I do. You see, while visiting with my friends was incredibly enjoyable, I feel that my break peaked on New Year’s Day. I slept in until about 10 o’clock, then read some of the book from Comedian David Cross, which my sister got me for Christmas, and then watched the Outback Bowl and Rose Bowl, which was a solid six hours of football viewing. I did not leave my house at all on Saturday, and got to enjoy sitting around doing nothing. I could not recall the last time I had a day where I didn’t do anything at all, so that made New Year’s Day very enjoyable to me.

Overall I would say that I had a very enjoyable break, which, looking back, is easily broken down into easily distinguishable categories. I did get some work done, even though this essay may make it sound like I didn’t, but I also got a chance to relax. Of course, now that it’s all over, I have to look forward to spring break, when I can hopefully add some exercise into my slothful routine, which will allow me to work off all the holiday treats, which I spent so much time eating in front of the TV. I neglected exercise because I could rationalize it. It is very dangerous to go for a run when the streets are covered with ice, and I still haven’t gotten around to joining a gym. Good thing the end of winter break always coincides with New Year’s, so I can restate my annual resolution of getting in shape, and someday it just might happen.


Written by CRWashPhillips

January 4, 2011 at 7:15 pm

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