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Intro to journalism 9/27/11

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Today I assigned your sports story, about a Wash sporting event, that is due next Monday, Oct. 3. Then we looked over how Harrower says you should write sports stories. There are three areas that sports stories are broken into:

  • Game stories- stories about the actual game, don’t let it become a play-by-play or bogged down with stats. Focus on key plays and quotes from the players and coaches.
  • Analysis stories- These can be previews or season wrap ups. Also perhaps an interesting feature  on what’s happening on the field (e.g. an increase in injuries, a new rule beginning this year, a new coach halfway through the year, etc.)
  • Profiles stories- Focusing on one particular player or coach and painting of picture of them as a student athlete. Make sure to interview friends, family, coaches, and teammates.
  • Columns- Where you write your opinion about what’s going on in sports. (I don’t want you to write a column for this story so you can continue to practice avoiding the 1st person voice.)

If you need help with your sports story please stop in to see me outside of class.


Written by CRWashPhillips

September 28, 2011 at 10:21 am

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