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LA 10 10/6-10/7/11

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Sorry for the delay on these updates.

Thursday we went to the library to get SSR books and finalize any sharing that needed to occur from the Of Mice and Men essay test. Any essays submitted after Thursday are now late and subject to five percent off each day late. After the library we came back and you guys all took on the role of the Handicapper General and came up with handicaps for certain strengths that people might have. The worksheet is located here if you were absent.

Friday started with SSR, book talks are coming up in 4-5 weeks, so make sure you’ll be finished with your books by then. After SSR you should have taken a survey from the guidance office. Finally you ended Friday with a writing assignment where you came up with your own dystopia (available here).

Facebook sweeping website– I told you a while back about a website that will scan your Facebook profile and alert you to anything on there that may be a red flag for potential colleges and employers. That site is


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October 9, 2011 at 11:47 am

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