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Intro to journalism 11/3/11

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Today we continued taking notes over newspaper design. The focus today was packaging information in ways that is enticing to readers. Sidebars, quizzes, quote collections and a variety of other thins can be used to provide the reader with information that is more visually appealing than just putting it in story form. Naturally, because we spent a full day on sidebars/quick reads I will expect to see some of them on your page.


Speaking of your pages here is the list of who’s signed up for what:

  • Page 1- Jordan
  • Page 2- News- Ele
  • Page 3- News- Cassie
  • Page 4- Editorial- Katie
  • Page 5- Columns- Oliver
  • Page 6- Columns- Madison
  • Page 7- A&E- Molly
  • Page 8- A&E- Natalie
  • Page 9- A&E- Emily
  • Pages 10/11- Feature/focus- Kyla
  • Page 12- Features- Lilly
  • Page 13- Features- Bianca
  • Page 14- Features- Maddie
  • Page 15- Features- Brianna
  • Page 16- Features- Brody
  • Page 17- Features- Emmy
  • Page 18- Sports- Braxton
  • Page 19-Sports- Reid
  • Page 20- Sports- Ian

Written by CRWashPhillips

November 3, 2011 at 12:19 pm

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