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LA 10 11/3/11

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Today I modeled a book talk over World War Z (PowerPoint here). Remember that if you don’t have PowerPoint at home you can always use Google Docs to create a PowerPoint from home.

After the model book talk we took another reading assessment, this time over an excerpt from Frankenstein.

Next we went over the short story quiz from a couple weeks back.

The rest of the class was work time to prepare for Monday’s check in day, catch up on lit circle or SSR reading, or work on preparing an outline for the book talk. While you were working I went around and had people sign up for the book talk times.

The list is below, if you are not ready on your assigned day you will lose 5 points:

2nd hour:


  • Brett H.
  • Whitney B.
  • Zoey I.
  • Eriq K.


  • Jordan A.
  • Hannah S.
  • Aleena H.
  • Hilary S.
  • Morgan S.


  • Kristin M.
  • Sean G.


  • Jasmyne J.
  • Wilson B.
  • Isabelle S.
  • Jesse J.
  • Alec I.


  • Bridget D.
  • Logan K.
  • Kevin J.
  • Tony W.
  • Bo J.

4th Hour


  • Brad H.
  • Mariah S.
  • Octavia C.
  • Allie L.


  • Saleena Z.
  • Katie P.
  • Keely P.
  • Sammy N.
  • Abbie F.


  • Nick M.
  • Kati C.
  • Cody S.
  • Cameron D.
  • Josh N.


  • Kyle K.
  • Nemo N.
  • Lauren H.
  • Aliza S.
  • Kelly H.


  • Andrian J.
  • Alex M.
  • Kelly W.
  • Eli W.
  • Matt S.

6th Hour


  • Brandon R.
  • Daryon B.
  • Courtney E.
  • Jake V.


  • Montaves A.
  • Alyssa K.
  • Blake M.
  • Alec N.
  • Kiley N.


  • Marin B.
  • Allison C.
  • Emilee P.
  • Brinkley W.


  • Ethan C.
  • Elise V.
  • Cheyenne B.
  • Chelsea B.
  • Lars B.


  • Ben W.
  • Cole G.
  • Machaley W.
  • Lexi M.
  • Austin S.

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November 3, 2011 at 2:04 pm

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