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LA 10 1/13/12

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Today we started with 20 minutes of SSR, then we discussed/took a quiz on chapter two. Finally we wrote down the vocabulary for chapters three, four, and five. You should read those three chapters over the weekend (they’re short and you have a long weekend, don’t whine or freak out.) I’ll update this entry with the vocabulary for those of you that were absent later today. Again, if you didn’t get a chance to check out a hard copy of To Kill a Mockingbird you can look at Wednesday’s LA 10 entry for a link to the e-edition of the text.

Update, 1/14/12: Below is the vocab we copied down yesterday:

Chapter three

onslaught- attack

dispensation- giving away

cordially- politely

wonderment- amazement

expounding- explaining

erratic- crazy

tranquility- calmness

iniquities- injustice

persevere- continue

furor- panic

contemptuous- scornful

diminutive- small

monosyllabic- single syllable

mutual- agreed upon

disapprobation- not approving

diction- enunciation, voice

Chapter four

wrought- worked

meddling- bothering

title- a paper proving ownership- often given for a house or a car

camellia- a flowery plant

scuppernong- a variety of grape

abominable- very unpleasant

bowlegged- outward curvature of the knees

arbitrated- to moderate or resolve a disagreement between two people

contradicting- disagreeing, pointing out the opposite

mortifying- to humiliate or shame

melancholy- a gloomy state of mind

quelling- calming

Chapter five

aloof- at a distance\

benign- favorable, nice

tacit- silent

magisterial- authoritative or important

pestilence- an epidemic disease

benevolence- a desire to do good to others

asinine- pointless

edification- moral instruction

quibbling- arguing


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