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LA 10 1/19/12

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Today we discussed chapter 7 (not a long discussion- it was a boring chapter, I admit,) then we read chapter eight aloud in class. Below is the vocab for chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11. Tomorrow in class I will have a list for you of vocab words to study for the QUIZ on MONDAY over CHAPTERS 6-11.


There IS school tomorrow, as of 2:32 p.m. on Thursday, January 19. I plan to see you all in class Friday. If you don’t get the list of words to study from me IN CLASS you will need to study ALL vocabulary from chapters 6-11.


Chapter 8 vocab:

unfathomable- unbelievable

aberrations- things that aren’t real

touchous- careful

meterological- weather related

thrift- a type of plant

procured- received

caricatures- cartoonish impressions

erected- built

morphodite- hermaphrodite

direst- worst

omitting- leaving out

flue- chimney

perplexity- confusion

commotion- excitement

Chapter 9 vocab:

campaign- attempt

afflicted- infected

peculiar- odd

inordinately- unusually

lineaments- distinctive facial features

induce- cause

compensation- payment

ingenuous- innocent and unsuspecting

diversions- distractions

harbored- held in possession

analogous- comparable to

wary- aware

provocation- action or speech likely to prompt physical retaliation

inevitable- unstoppable

indicative- telling

guilelessness- free of deceit

nocturnal- night time

donned- put on, as in clothing

trousseau- bridal clothing

unburdened- opened up

fanatical- obsessed

attire- clothing

deportment- behavior

ambrosia- something very pleasant to taste

emerge- come out

tentatively- not fully worked out

sufficiently- as much as needed

subdued- calmed

tarried- waited

obstreperous- noisy and difficult to control

invective- insulting, abusive

evasion- avoidance

Chapter 10 vocab:

inconspicuous- not noticeable, blending in

rudiments- instructions

peril- trouble

erratically- uncontrollable

simultaneous- at the same time

articulate- well spoken

meekly- quietly

jubilantly- happily

Chapter 11 vocab:

passe- not in fashion

concealed- hidden

ruthless- merciless

interrogation- questioning

apoplectic- overcome with anger

livid- extremely angry

decreed- ordered

gallantly- bravely

defect- problem

obscurely- unclearly

philippic- a bitter attack

degeneration- breaking down

umbrage- offense

acquisition- possession

rectitude- righteousness

interdict- order

palliation- relief

contemporaries- people who attend school at the same time as you

vacated- emptied

antagonized- to push to anger

essence- overall being

entitled- allowed

reconnaissance- spying

oppressive- to hold down

tirade- rant

commence- begin

protruded- to stick out

undulate- pulsate

viscous- thick

devoid- empty/ without

cultivated- grown

beholden- owing

cantankerous- bitter and mean


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