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LA 10 3/19/12

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Today we looked at advertising (the assignment was print, but for our lecture we looked at broadcast,) on how ads have changed over the years and what they’re selling has changed as well.

  • Ads used to sell products directly, making logical claims over minute long commercials convincing the audience why their product was superior.

Disclaimer: Don’t smoke- it’s bad for you.

  • Ads then cut down to 30 seconds, with much less logic in the commercial. They began to use humor, although there was still a little bit of logic. (E.g. Wendy’s burgers are larger than the competition.)

  • Ads today spend more time selling the idea or the lifestyle of a product rather than the product itself. In this Old Spice ad notice how the claim that ‘Old Spice smells good’ is never stated directly.

All of these ads play on some sort of emotion, and that is what we looked at when analyzing ads from magazines. Worksheet from today available here.


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March 19, 2012 at 3:30 am

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