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LA 10 8/27/12

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Today we started by finishing taking notes over the lit terms we began last week. During this time I also checked out textbooks to everyone. In case you didn’t get them written down the words that you need to know the definitions for are:

  • Alliteration-
  • Assonance-
  • Metaphor-
  • Simile-
  • Allusion-
  • Exposition-
  • Plot-
  • Theme-
  • Hyperbole-
  • Character-
  • Dynamic character-
  • Static character-
  • Climax-
  • Conflict-
  • Internal conflict-
  • External conflict-
  • Antagonist-
  • Protagonist-
  • Setting-
  • Falling action-
  • Rising action-
  • Drama-
  • Dialect-
  • Flashback-
  • Irony-
  • Satire-
  • Soliloquy-


After finishing that I handed out an assignment for a personal essay, with the audience of a college admissions professional. The prompt was What has been the most challenging event of your life?

When you come to class tomorrow I would like everyone to have at least the BEGINNING of 5 paragraphs. (A minimum of 1-2 sentences per paragraph, so 5-10 sentences total.) Eventually each paragraph will need at least four sentences, so if you can get to that point tonight you will have less work to do tomorrow.

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August 27, 2012 at 3:44 pm

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