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LA 10 (skills) 10/15/12

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Today we started with a new rule, (no question of the day today,): If you forget your textbook at home during a reading day or work day you’ll need to look on with someone else. The only time I will be loaning out the class sets of the textbooks during the hour will be for the test, and that will be at 5 point (10%) deduction from the score.

After going over the new rule I handed back the quizzes from Act I and we discussed those together in preparation for the Act II quiz tomorrow.

I then gave everyone 15 minutes to continue working on the worksheets that you’ll be able to use tomorrow during the quiz.

We ended with a general review of what happened in Act II.

Reminder: Act II Quiz tomorrow.

You will have 40 minutes for the quiz tomorrow. Once you finish you should have your SSR book to read afterwards.

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October 15, 2012 at 8:20 am

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