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Surveyor example assignement

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Hi Surveyor staff! Today in class I asked you to find some web materials that you think are of a high quality, which we should strive to be like on Look for examples in the medium on which you plan on creating: blogging, online stories, video, photo galleries, etc.

We’ll go over your examples on Thursday. If you’re having trouble finding any examples I’ve provided a few links here, which may help.

FHNToday– Aaron Manfull, who spoke at the IHSPA state convention in October, advises a spectacular HS website.

HiLite– Another Pacemaker winning website.

West Side Story and The Little Hawk– Iowa City papers, both excellent websites.

JEA Digital Media online map– Links to student websites all over the country. (Award winners marked with the logo that looks like a sun.)

The Daily Iowan– Great online MM examples being done at the University of Iowa.– A great place to read local, professional stories, written specifically for the web.– Excellent multimedia examples.

We’ll share our examples on Thursday and talk about what we can do to make our website look more like your examples.



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January 14, 2013 at 9:54 am

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