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LA 9 2/21/13

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Today was the final work day to prepare for your book talks and book reports.

Here is an example book report on Ulysses to give you an idea of what your report should look like based on what you’ve read already.

The things you want to cover in your PowerPoint are:

  • Basic info- Title, author, has it been turned into a movie, etc.
  • Plot summary- Keep this brief, you don’t want to give too much away in case someone else decides to read it.
  • Characters- List the major characters, don’t write too much info- you’ll fill that part in when you present
  • Setting- Where and when- explain if/why this is important in the book
  • Themes- What were the messages of the book?
  • Conflicts- What was the major conflict in the book? (Don’t tell us how it was resolved if that will spoil the ending.)
  • Review- Did you like the book? Why or why not? Would you recommend that we read it?

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