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LA 10 (skills) 3/6/13

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I hope you all enjoyed your snow day yesterday. Today we started with me handing out your restroom and late work passes for the trimester. (I printed front/back this term so you only have one sheet to hold on to, the downside is if you lose that one sheet you’re out of late work AND restroom passes for the term.

After that we took a class vote for the Georgies, The Surveyor’s annual pop culture/school culture awards.

Pre-lesson question (you should write down your thoughts on this question in your journal): What’s the difference between an argument and a fight? What’s the goal of each one?

Finally we moved into today’s main focus, notes on persuasion. I presented the linked to PowerPoint and you should have all the underlined parts of the presentation in your notes.

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March 6, 2013 at 9:35 am

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  1. […] tomorrow. If you need any of the notes on persuasion you can find links to my PowerPoints here (persuasion) and here (logical […]

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