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LA 10 (skills) 3/26/13

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Today Mrs. Bernstein came in and talked with everyone about the SIRS research tool that the library subscribes to. This tool will make researching your persuasion paper very easy in terms of gathering materials and getting the correct citation.

After Mrs. Bernstein I presented you with a packet about how to structure your persuasion paper, the rubric I will be grading your persuasion paper with, a sample header and works cited page, and an editorial to show you how a professional writer handles things like making their claim, refuting counterclaims, and providing evidence.

Here is an example of a complete persuasion paper.

We also discussed what it means for something to be ‘common knowledge’ and I provided a 5 point (10% of the total grade) extra credit opportunity for anyone who reaches out to get an e-mail interview with an expert for their topic. You will need to provide me with a printout of the e-mail questions and answers as well as include that information in your paper to get the extra credit.

Wednesday and Thursday will be work days in the computer lab to research and write your persuasion paper. Friday we will take some time to peer edit one another’s drafts.

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March 26, 2013 at 8:44 am

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  1. […] on our persuasion papers. They will be due tomorrow at the beginning of the hour or they are late. Here is the entry with the link to the example persuasion paper from last […]

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