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LA 10 (skills) 4/3/13

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Today we went around and gathered some select quotes from Of Mice and Men and then wrote two paragraphs.

Journal prompt 1: Using the quotes you’ve gathered write about all the characters you know about in Of Mice and Men. Write the characters name and everything you know about him/her just from the quotes you’ve gathered. If you don’t know a name but can give a description do that.

Journal prompt 2: Make a prediction about what will happen in this novella based on the quotes. If you’ve already read it then write a paragraph about why you think I picked these quotes.

The quotes are listed below, for those of you who were absent today:

ll“Where we goin’, George?”

“So you forgot that awready, did you? I gotta tell you again, do I? Jesus Christ, you’re a crazy bastard!”

“O.K. Now when we go in to see the boss, what you gonna do?”

“I…I,” Lennie thought. His face grew tight with thought. “I…ain’t gonna say nothin’. Jus’ gonna stan’ there.”

George’s hand remained outstretched imperiously. Slowly, like a terrier who doesn’t want to bring a ball to it’s master, Lennie approached, drew back, approached again. George snapped his fingers sharply, and at the sound Lennie laid the mouse in his hand.

“…because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that’s why.” He laughed delightedly. “Go on now, George!”

The boss turned on George. “The why don’t you let him answer? What you trying to put over?”

George broke in loudly, “Oh! I ain’t saying he’s bright. He ain’t. But I say he’s a God damn good worker. He can put up a four hundred pound bale.”

“I’ll try to catch [the boss],” said Curley. His eyes passed over the new men and he stopped. He glanced coldly at George and then at Lennie. His arms gradually bent at the elbows and his hands closed into fists.

Lennie’s eyes were frightened. “I don’t want no trouble,” he said plaintively. “don’t let him sock me, George.”

There was a gravity in his manner and a quiet so profound that all talk stopped when he spoke. His authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject, be it politics or love. This was Slim, the jerkline skinner.

“Jus’ tell Lennie what to do an’ he’ll do it if it don’t take no figuring. He can’t think of nothing to do himself, but he sure can take orders.”

“I’ve beat the hell outa him, and he coulda bust every bone in my body jus’ with his han’s, but he never lifted a finger against me.”

Old Candy, the swamper, came in and went to his bunk, and behind him struggled his old dog. “Hello, Slim. Hello, George.”

“Carl’s right, Candy. That dog ain’t no good to himself. I wisht somebody’d shoot me if I got old an’ a cripple.”

A shot sounded in the distance. The men looked quickly at the old man. Every head turned toward him. For a moment he continued to stare at the ceiling. Then he rolled slowly over and faced the wall and lay silent.

“Well stick around an’ keep your eyes open. You’ll see plenty. She ain’t concealin’ nothing. I never seen nobody like her. She got the eye goin’ all the time on everybody.”

“I ain’t done nothing, George. Slim says I better not pet them pups so much for a while. Slim says it ain’t good for them; so I come right in. I been good, George.”

This thing they had never really believed in was coming true. George said reverently, “Jesus Christ! I bet we could swing her.” His eyes were full of wonder.

“I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn’t ought to of let not stranger shoot my dog.”

The next minute Curley was flopping like a fish on a line, and his closed fist was lost in Lennie’s big hand.

She turned on him in scorn. “Listen, N****r,” she said. “You know what I can do to you if you open your trap?”

And Lennie said softly to the puppy, “Why do you got to get killed? you ain’t so little as mice. I didn’t bounce you hard.”


Written by CRWashPhillips

April 3, 2013 at 10:11 am

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